Off-Road Capable 2015 Ford Explorer Lives Up To its Name

Image Credit: Ford

One of the advantages of the Ford Explorer is that it has no problem taking on just about any road that it’s faced with. It’s a claim that’s backed by looked at the 2015 Ford Explorer off-road capabilities, of which there are many. If you love the outdoors and need a vehicle that won’t hold you back from venturing wherever your heart desires, the 2015 Ford Explorer is the sport-utility vehicle for you.

As we told you back when we looked at the 2015 Ford Explorer performance specs, every model of the Explorer is able to provide enough power to take on both conventional and unconventional roads, and it even comes equipped with a number of systems that help ensure that you’re safe behind the wheel, even when you encounter some of the most unfavorable conditions that nature can throw at you.

Much like the 2014 Ford Explorer, the new model has off-road-friendly features that are able to adjust performance based on the terrain that the vehicle is on. It’s all possible with the cutting-edge Terrain Management System that provides driving modes for mud ruts, sand, grass, gravel and snow. The best part of the system is that enabling one of the innovative modes only takes the quick turn of a dial.

Another one of the features that helps the Ford Explorer live up to its name is the available Intelligent 4WD system, which is one of the most revolutionary four-wheel drive systems on the market. The system continuously monitors wheel speed, throttle position and steering angle, and if something is off, it adjusts accordingly. The Intelligent 4WD system also controls torque distribution to keep the wheels from slipping.

With such a great deal of off-road capabilities, it’s no surprise that Kansas City residents with a sense of adventure are trading in their mundane rides for the capable and exciting Explorer. If you’re interested in jumping on the bandwagon, we suggest that you check out our new car inventory. We currently have the 2015 Ford Explorer in stock and nothing stands in your way of getting behind the wheel. Schedule a test drive today and we can have you scaling mountains in the 2015 Ford Explorer by the weekend.


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